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  Impact Watertown Girls Who Code Club TN1461




Hi, I’m Kylie. I have 1 younger brother named Austen. I moved from Florida to where I am now and I am enjoying most of it so far. I love my best friend Cassidy who is also in coding with me. I am in band and I like to play clarinet, swim and play softball. I wanted to do coding because I’ve always loved playing on computers and learning how to change things in the code since I was young.


 Hi, I’m Cassidy. I have 1 sister named Adrienne and 1 brother named Logan. I am in band and play trumpet.  I like to hang out with my friends, play trumpet, swim, and ride my 4-wheeler. I wanted to do coding because I wanted to learn how  to make a website and make video games. I am enjoying making a website and learning how to code!


Hi, I’m Adrienne.  I have 1 younger sister named Cassidy and 1 younger brother named Logan. I moved here in 2008 from Iowa. I am currently a freshman in high school. I am currently on the school’s golf team, concert band, and jazz band. I love to play my clarinet and take pictures. I did coding because I like to work with computers. I am enjoying learning how to make a website. After high school, I want to write books and take pictures of people.

Rae L.G.- I’m originally from Colorado, but we moved here when I was young. I have a younger brother-Zane, who enjoys doing things with computers as well.  I got into coding at my middle school, we started with simply making a robot go through a maze of books! I then saw a sign at my local library about coding and I decided to try it. I’m currently on the school’s soccer team, and jazz band! I love to read, and my personal collection of books now totals almost 600 books!! I aspire to do something with history. I’m considering Anthropology, or maybe a museum internship.

My name is Gloria. I started Girls Who Code because it sounded like something fun to do and learn. I like to read, and in the future, I plan to have my own ham radio license.


Hi, I’m Lyndsey. I have 1 brother, Landyn , and 1 sister, Emma. I joined coding to explore the fun of computer science and the way it works. I’m into psychology and law enforcement and hoping to have a career in one or both of them.  Coding, (as I see it), is really fun and I think it is very fun to do it with the Impact Watertown group.


Impact Watertown, Girls Who Code Club TN 1461, meets once a week at the Watertown Wilson County Public Library. Bear Web Design, in Nashville, supports us in our effort to learn about Computer Science and Computational Thinking. Founder Peter Beare recently hosted us and spoke to us about the opportunities for programmers & developers in the 21st century! We are taught programming by BWD web designer/developer Jennifer Folsom.

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